Safe & Vibrant: Beta Carotene Revolutionises Food Colouring in F&B Industry

Ever seen an orange popsicle without its bright orange colour, or a cheese ball without its iconic vibrant yellowish orange colour? When it comes to trying out new food products, colour is a big allure for consumers. The right food colouring can significantly increase the visual appeal of a dish, giving it the appearance of freshness, quality and flavour. Manufacturers and chefs are aware of this and so food colouring is used worldwide in the food & beverage industry to make products look vibrant and attractive.

Today, a wide range of food colour products are available, both natural and artificial. Synthetic dyes offer several advantages, such as their ability to produce intense and consistent shades. However, they are also likely to contain chemical substances that may have adverse health effects. As a result, consumers and regulatory bodies have become increasingly concerned about the potential risks associated with artificial food colouring and the ingredients used in them.

The Road to Clean Consumption

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the potentially harmful impact of the ingredients that go into synthetic dyes. These apprehensions have escalated the demand for clean-label food products, including the colours that go into them. In turn, manufacturers too are looking for safe and regulation-compliant colours to use in their products and boost sales. This shift has prompted a move towards natural food colours derived from plants and other natural sources. Natural food colours offer an appealing alternative as they are generally perceived as safer and healthier food additives. 

The Harmful Effects of Artificial Dyes

The beverage industry commonly uses shades like yellow and orange to create visually appealing products. After all, one can’t have a Mango Soda without the brilliant hues of the dipping sun in your drink. But these colours come at a cost to consumers´ health.

Traditionally, synthetic dyes such as Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow, and Allura Red were employed to achieve these colours. However, these artificial dyes have been linked to several health risks including cancer, triggering allergic reactions like asthma and weakening the immune system. These dyes are now subject to strict regulations in European and Middle Eastern countries. To address these concerns and for purposes of regulatory compliance, food manufacturers globally are actively seeking alternatives to these synthetic dyes.  

Introducing Beta Carotene from Symega

Symega is proud to introduce Beta Carotene as an alternative to synthetic dyes in the F&B industry. β-Carotene or Beta Carotene is a type of carotenoid that can be found in yellow and orange fruits, vegetables, algae, and fungi. Due to its heat, light, and pH stability, it serves as a great replacement for synthetic dyes and offers numerous applications in various food products that need yellow, orange or even red shades of colouring.

Beta Carotene is commonly used as a food additive in beverages, bakery, confectionery, dairy products and more. Its concentration, proportion, and chemical structure play a significant role in determining its suitability for different applications. Beta Carotene food colouring provides excellent stability against light, heat, and pH variations, ensuring that the desired colour is maintained throughout the product’s shelf life. 

Why Choose Symega?

At Symega, we acknowledge the diverse, ever-evolving demands of the food industry and, therefore, provide Beta Carotene in both liquid and powder forms. Our offerings ensure enhanced stable, water- and oil-soluble, vibrant colours and precisely desired shades at the most competitive prices. This wide range allows us to cater to various application requirements in the global food industry, providing our customers with the flexibility they need to create visually appealing and safe food products. 

By choosing Symega’s Beta Carotene, food manufacturers can meet the consumer’s demand for healthier products while ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance. Our commitment to innovation and quality enables us to deliver effective solutions that meet the evolving needs of the food and beverage industry. 

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