Discover Why Symega’s Delectable Mayonnaise Equals Culinary Perfection

Creamy Perfection: Diving Into Symega’s Mayonnaise Production and Its Exquisite Varieties

In the vast realm of condiments, one sauce reigns supreme, captivating taste buds and transforming ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences. It is none other than the timeless classic – mayonnaise!

So, what sets this culinary masterpiece apart?

A classic mayonnaise is an emulsion – a harmonious blend of oil, egg yolks and an acidic component – either vinegar or lemon juice. Flavours and seasonings are further added to give it a distinctive characteristic. The oil, yolk, and water from the acid form the emulsion, giving it its trademark velvety consistency, while the natural lecithin and protein present in the yolk are the emulsifying agents that stabilise it.

Mayonnaise is one of the classic mother sauces, which, when combined with an array of fresh ingredients and spices such as garlic, lemon, and chilli peppers, can create a wide gamut of derivative sauces for use in the food and beverage industry.

From Production To Packaging

At Symega, we take great pride in crafting the finest quality mayonnaise and maintaining our label as a trusted manufacturer. A team of Culinarians and Food Technologists collaborate to curate the perfect formulation as per the brief and expectations of our customers. Following R&D, these recipes are scaled up at Symega’s state-of-the-art facility, where we employ equipment from European manufacturers like Azo and FrymaKoruma, whose automated emulsifier machines are specially designed to handle large batches of mayonnaise production with the utmost precision and finesse, and in keeping with international quality control norms. This encompasses vacuum processing and shorter homogenisation periods to ensure retention of colour, as well as emulsification and de-aeration to achieve a firm texture and shiny appearance. The finished product is hermetically sealed in a continuous packing line.

Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the freshness and exquisite taste of mayonnaise, while also providing convenience and ease of use to the end consumer. Hence, Symega offers a wide range of options to suit different preferences and requirements. Our mayonnaise is packed in various sizes, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every requirement ranging from 80 grams to 1 kg packages. Our spout pouches provide easy squeeze and portion control, pillow packaging ensures freshness and easy storage for QSRs, pet jars provide a durable and lightweight solution for storing and serving, and the traditional glass bottles are a preferred choice for most households. This completes the perfect packaging solutions to complement our delectable mayonnaise.

Our current annual mayonnaise production capability is 10,200 metric tons, a testament to our commitment to delivering the finest mayonnaise to the market. With a monthly production capacity of 350 metric tons from Azo and 500 metric tons from FrymaKoruma, Symega can consistently deliver in both quantity and quality, producing perfectly emulsified mayonnaise in every batch.

Mayonnaise Offerings From Symega

Offering an exceptional range of flavoured mayonnaise varieties that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, Symega’s repertoire is meticulously crafted to elevate a wide array of culinary creations.  Here’s what our diverse portfolio offers:

Classic Eggless Mayonnaise

Our Classic Mayonnaise range is designed to suit every palate and preference. This includes varieties from light and low-fat to indulgent and premium.

Eggless Mayonnise SYMEGA

Flavoured Mayonnaise

In addition to the varieties listed, we also offer flavourful derivatives that bring a contemporary, trending twist to the mayo experience.

  • Popular Flavours: Mint Mayo, Garlic Mayo, Pepper Mayo, Peri-Peri
  • Inspired By Indian Cuisines: Tandoori Mayo, Tikka Mayo, Curry Spread
  • International Range: Cheesy Jalapeno, Tomato Mayo, Szechuan, Japanese style, Chipotle, Thousand Island, Caesar, Cocktail and Cheese Blends
  • New and trending flavours: Honey mustard, Sriracha cheese, Harissa, Kimchi

Quality control is paramount to Symega. With enticing flavours comes exceptional quality. To maintain our reputation as a trusted manufacturer, we conduct a comprehensive range of tests (physiochemical, microbiological, and sensory) for every batch right from in-warding raw materials to finished product dispatch.

  • Physiochemical Testing: Each batch of mayo undergoes mandated physiochemical analysis, where we assess key parameters such as acidity, salt content, pH level, texture, and colour. By consistently monitoring these factors, we guarantee that our mayo maintains its desired characteristics.

  • Microbiological Testing: Our microbiological testing protocols comprise of total plate counts (TPC), salmonella count, yeast and mold count, and other essential microbiological parameters. These tests ensure that our mayo is free from harmful pathogens and contaminants, providing our partners with a trustworthy product.
  • Sensory Testing: Our team of sensory experts evaluate the appearance, colour, texture, taste, flavour, and aroma for each batch before it is cleared for dispatch. This rigorous sensory testing guarantees that our mayo not only meets the highest quality standards but also delivers a truly satisfying culinary experience.

Symega has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry, collaborating with renowned brands like Saffola (Marico) and Kraft Heinz that value excellence and quality. We also bring our entire range to HoReCa through our food service division. Our commitment and unwavering dedication to excellence have been key factors in establishing this trust.

Partner With Us

We at Symega commit to deliver products and services in the mayonnaise category to aid your business in achieving higher penetration and market share. In this endeavour,  we are backed by our rich background in product development, driven by in-house teams of passionate cross-functional experts, comprising chefs, food technologists, flavourists, regulatory & sensory specialists. With our substantial history and experience in the food and beverage industry, along with in-depth knowledge of flavour profiles, ingredient combinations, backward integration, production capability and industry trends, we look forward to partnering with you in creating mayonnaise products tailored to captivate your target consumers. Get in touch with us at

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