Plant-based Food

Good For Health, Better For The Planet

Plant-based foods have taken the market by storm as health, wellbeing, and sustainability are increasingly becoming the core drivers of consumer choice. Today’s consumers are reassessing what they eat and its impact on the planet. With the growing awareness around the unfair practices and environmental impact of animal rearing for food, alternatives to animal-origin food products including meat, dairy and eggs are being sought after, although no consumer wants to compromise on the quality, nutrition or sensory experience.

At Symega, we strive to be India’s first fully integrated and sustainable manufacturer of plant-based foods. Right from extruded protein to final products like burger patties, beverages or cheese, Symega excels in developing and manufacturing healthy, nutritious, cruelty-free and retail-ready products for our customers aiding their speed to market for a plant-based future.

Holistic Partner For A Plant-Based Future

At Symega Protein Innovation Centre (SPIC) in Kochi, Kerala, our food technologists and sensory experts collaborate with our customers to develop plant-based food – milk, meat, cheese, egg and their derivatives – that meet market trends and evolving consumer expectations. Powered by years of expertise in sensory solutions and first-of-its-kind integration across the value chain, Symega offers complete, turnkey solutions in plant-based foods, using its world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Symega’s offerings are shelf-ready, use custom formulations, and are labelled with their respective customer brands, under an IP-protected agreement.

Endless Possibilities in Plant-based Offerings


Patty | Sausage | Nugget | Cold cuts


Seekh Kebab | Tikka | Keema | Kofta


Creamer | RTD Beverage | Yoghurt | Butter


Paneer | Mozzarella | Cheddar | Spread


Liquid | Powder | Scramble | Omelette


Fillet | Mince


Premixes for Desserts (Kheer, Kulfi, Gulab Jamun) | Ice cream


High Protein Snacks | Tempeh | RTC Biriyani| Stuffed Paratha

Industries we have Collaborated with

Food Service

QSR Chains I Institutional Catering I Cloud Kitchens

from the Noun Project


Meals and Meal kits | Ready-to-Drink Beverages I Spreads and Dips


Modern Retail Chains (Private Labelling) | E-commerce (Private Labelling)

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An innovator looking out to give life to a novel idea, or a market leader exploring concepts for new launches, sensory specialists and application experts at Symega help you through the process, right from ideation to commercial launch, with ingredients, proof of concepts, lab and scale-up trials, and manufacturing shelf-ready products.

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