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With food lovers turning global in their outlook and experimental in preferences, professional chefs’ roles are being transformed to those of creators, curators, and influencers. More so, with the radical rise in consumer awareness about contemporary gastronomy, and an intensified competition in the food service industry, across both quick service and fine dining.

Consistency, flavour, quality, and availability of ingredients are being highlighted by chefs as the biggest challenges they face in their roles. Symega extended its multi-sensory expertise to culinary products and created solutions that are designed and developed exclusively for chefs – professionals and amateurs – to save their time, boost creativity and cut costs.

From One Chef to Another

Driven by the needs of food service and convenience foods industries, Symega offers a range of culinary solutions that help chefs save time and reduce cost, without compromising on their passion for creation. Developed by a team of highly skilled chefs and food technologists, Symega’s culinary solutions deliver the right balance of great taste and food style. Offering unmatched quality and consistency, these authentic ingredients are designed to inspire innovation, add flavour, and augment the aesthetic appeal of your food.

Ensuring Ease of Use, Inspiring Innovation

World Classics

Barbecue | Honey Mustard | Ketchup | Mayonnaise | Thousand Island


Biriyani Selections | Bhuna/Roast Gravy | Chat Bhandaar | Coastal Favourites | North Indian | South Indian | Tandoori |


Red Chilli Paste | Hot Garlic Sauce | Indo-Chinese Collection | Szechwan Range | Manchurian Range


Thai Curry Pastes | Korean Hot Sauces | Satay Sauces and Dips


Kabsa Blend | Shawarma Marinade | Toum Dip | Za’atar Marinade


Greek Salad Dressing | Pizza-Pasta Sauce | Pesto | Vinaigrette Range |


Asun Paste | Jollof Rice Paste

And more

Cheesy Jalapeno Dip | Mango Chilli Dip | Ginger-Garlic Paste

Industries we have Collaborated with

Food Service

QSR Chains | Institutional catering

from the Noun Project


Meals and Meal kits | Ready-to-Cook Sauces | Table Sauces and Dips |


Modern Retail Chains (Private Labelling) | E-commerce (Private Labelling)

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An innovator looking out to give life to a novel idea, or a market leader exploring concepts for new launch, sensory specialists and application experts at Symega help you through the process, right from ideation to commercial launch, with ingredients, proof of concepts, lab and scale up trials, and manufacturing shelf-ready products.

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