How Cocoa Replacers Are a Solution to The Global Cocoa Crisis 

The price of cocoa, the magic behind those melt-in-your-mouth moments, is on the rise. This could mean your chocolate bars and desserts become pricier indulgences, potentially darkening the sweetness of our favourite treats. This blog delves into the current scenario, explores the reasons behind the cocoa price hike, and its impact on the food and beverage (F&B) industry and the possible extinction of the world’s favourite ingredient. Is there a solution to the scenario? We shall also explore possible cocoa replacer solutions.

The Dark Side of Chocolate: The Current Cocoa Crisis

The cost of cocoa beans has experienced a dramatic increase, driven by a confluence of factors. According to this report, West Africa, the world’s leading cocoa producer, has declined crop yield due to adverse weather conditions and disease outbreaks. This supply shortage coincides with a steady rise in global demand for chocolate and cocoa-based products. The International Cocoa Organization predicts that cocoa production will shrink by a minimum of 11%. 

The Ripple Effect: Rising Costs and Strategic Decisions

F&B manufacturers are grappling with the consequences of the cocoa crisis. Increased cocoa prices significantly elevate production costs for chocolate and cocoa-based products. According to CNBC, costs have surged by a staggering 129%, and in order to maintain profitability, some manufacturers may be forced to implement price hikes, potentially impacting consumer purchasing behaviour. Moreover, the volatile cocoa market creates uncertainty for F&B businesses, complicating production planning and pricing strategies.

“Companies will have to be careful about how they manage the elasticity of demand for chocolate, especially as consumers might not be able to take the price hikes needed to offset the huge increase in cocoa costs.”

Celine Pannuti
Head of European Staples & Beverages, J.P. Morgan

The global cocoa crisis throws a curveball at the traditional understanding of chocolate demand. Previously considered an inelastic good, meaning price increases wouldn’t significantly impact sales, the current situation is murkier—soaring cocoa costs pressure manufacturers to raise their prices. However, consumers grappling with inflation and economic worries might be less tolerant of significant price hikes for chocolate. This raises a crucial question: will chocolate defy its inelastic label and see a drop in demand due to affordability concerns? Similar scenarios unfold in other supposedly inelastic categories – when prices rise too much, even loyal customers seek alternatives or cut back. “Companies will have to be careful about how they manage the elasticity of demand for chocolate especially as consumers might not be able to take the price hikes needed to offset the huge increase in cocoa costs”, says Celine Pannuti, Head of European Staples & Beverages at J.P. Morgan. To navigate this tightrope, F&B companies need a strategic approach. Exploring cost-optimization methods, implementing targeted price increases, fostering communication with consumers, and even innovating with cocoa-reduced or alternative chocolate products are all vital strategies. The future of chocolate hinges on the F&B industry’s ability to adapt and ensure the continued enjoyment of this beloved treat for consumers everywhere.

Introducing Symega’s Cocoa Replacer: A Strategic Solution

Symega presents a groundbreaking solution – a specially formulated cocoa replacer crafted to address the challenges of the current market. This innovative product offers a compelling value proposition for F&B manufacturers:

Cost Reduction

A steady supply of Symega’s cocoa replacer boasts a significantly lower cost, offering substantial savings for manufacturers, depending on the kind of replacer used – Partial or Complete and the application. Symega’s cocoa replacer is revolutionising the F&B industry. This innovative solution slashes cocoa usage by up to 70% in dairy and beverages and 30-50% in confectionery applications. Cocoa replacement offers a powerful cost-saving alternative for manufacturers grappling with rising cocoa prices, with a minimal yet effective dosage per batch. Symega empowers businesses to navigate market volatility and maintain profitability with an effective cocoa replacement.

Quality and Consistency

Symega’s cocoa replacer powder prioritises product quality, offering an indistinguishable taste, texture, and colour compared to natural cocoa.  It ensures consistent quality and significant cost savings for manufacturers.


Symega’s cocoa replacer caters to a wide variety of chocolate and cocoa-based products across different F&B categories such as biscuits, brownies, cupcakes, cake and muffin premixes, ice creams, syrups, spreads, frosting, filling, creams and much more. This versatility allows manufacturers to seamlessly integrate the cocoa replacer into production processes without compromising product diversity.

Sustainability Considerations

Symega prioritises responsible practices. By opting for our cocoa replacer, manufacturers can contribute to environmental sustainability efforts by reducing their reliance on cocoa beans and minimising pressure on cocoa farming practices.
Symega’s cocoa replacer stands as the definitive answer to the challenge posed by the cocoa shortage, both now and in the future. To find out how your business can overcome this challenge, contact us at

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