Symega: An Industry Leader In The Food Ingredients Segment

Food ingredient industry in India is expected to register strong growth in the coming years. This will mainly be driven by expansion in organised retail, lifestyle changes, and increasing awareness about global food and travel trends. Perspective of the ingredients industry is also shifting from offering commodities to more specialized, value -added solutions. Over the past 2-3 years, the segment has seen several greenfield expansions, M&A and strategic alliances. Investments have been made in manufacturing, technology and R&D. At the same time, there has been a gradual decline in the share of unorganised segments in the packaged food category, and players in the organised segments have shown preference in working with ingredient partners that assure quality, consistency and reliability.

Acknowledging all these market scenarios, Symega is a pioneering name in the food ingredients industry that in response to their client requirements, has invested judiciously in its R&D and manufacturing capabilities. The company has been able to make a name for themselves in the industry owing to their innovative business strategies. Symega is committed to never compromise on the quality of their offerings and this drive for consistent improvement has been the primary catalyst behind the company’s success. With this drive, the company is aiming to be a flag-bearer in this industry vertical as well.

Symega Food Ingredients today is seen as a one-stop food solution provider by its clients.

The organization supports its partners in ideation and conceptualisation of products, has facilities and personnel for lab level and scale-up trials, and offers a wide gamut of key sensory ingredients. Where required, Symega also offers the final product in a ready to retail format. It has a diversified portfolio including Seasonings, Flavours, Natural Colours, Culinary products, and Specialty Foods, and caters to a wide range of application segments comprising snacks, instant noodles, baked goods, breakfast mixes, confectionery, dairy, QSRs, HoReCa, and more.

Their newest division of Specialty foods focusses on plant-based alternatives to meat, milk and eggs, in addition to various health and wellness solutions. Symega also provides private labelling operations which caters to both the industry leaders as well as new age start-ups by offering shelf-ready packs across multiple food categories.

When asked about how they are able to cater to the varied requirements of the customers consistently, Santhosh Stephen, Managing Director, Symega says, “Symega believes that consumer outlook is increasingly turning out to be global, but taste continues to be extremely local. We have all read that in India, languages, culture, and consumer pattern changes every few 100 kilometers. Same is true for taste as well. Even the most staple of products like curry powder, has a different formulation for every region or sub-region. Only brands that have been able to capture and respond to these subtle differences have succeeded in the market.

Symega is poised to position itself as a pioneer and holistic food solutions company; one that is trusted by its customers when it comes to needle moving projects that create an all-round impact in the industry

Santhosh Stephen, Managing Director

We understand the customer needs in detail, evaluate consumer trends and preferences in the markets of customer interest, and develop products that best fit both these aspects. Our R&D team develop products that are evaluated by a panel, both at Symega and the customer’s end, do necessary modifications, and then finalise on the product being offered. In fact, customers also visit our Technology and Development centres in Bengaluru and Delhi to interact with our R&D and application experts, and develop products together to enhance the whole co-development experience”.

Continually evolving with the changing needs and preferences of the consumers and customer requirements, Symega is poised to position itself as a pioneer and holistic food solutions company; one that is trusted by its customers when it comes to needle moving projects that create an all-round impact in the industry.

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