Food Processing Industry: A Sunrise Sector

Our Managing Director, Mr Santhosh Stephen, recently joined a podcast alongside Mr. K.S Narayanan, Principal Consultant – Food Processing, Nexdigm, to delve into the food processing sector. The discussion traversed industry evolution, the future of healthier and sustainable foods, and Symega’s pioneering initiatives.

Santhosh delved into Symega’s commitment to innovation, addressing evolving consumer habits, the ascendancy of healthier eating trends, and the company’s emphasis on natural, minimally processed ingredients and plant-based alternatives.

The discussion spanned various industry dynamics, highlighting the rapid growth of cloud kitchens fuelled by online food delivery platforms. Companies navigating this change must reconsider packaging strategies, optimizing for individual portions suitable for delivery and revamping logistics for direct-to-consumer models.

In tandem, the surge in hyper-local markets reshapes consumer behaviour, demanding revamped distribution strategies and localized packaging to tap into these evolving sales channels.

The rise of plant-based foods, driven by health and sustainability trends, presents substantial opportunities for innovation. Adapting to changing consumer preferences is crucial for traditional processed food sectors, urging reformulation toward cleaner labels while preserving taste.

Additionally, the burgeoning demand for functional foods and beverages offers growth avenues, advocating for consumer-centric approaches and strategic R&D investments.

Santhosh’s vision for India’s Food Processing Sector revolves around innovation, sustainability, and global competitiveness. He advocates leveraging technology and sustainability measures to ensure high-quality, safe products that align with evolving consumer preferences.

This transformation extends to Symega’s vision, emphasizing health-centric seasonings and natural colour solutions. The company invests in R&D for nutritionally enhanced seasonings while addressing consumer concerns with innovative solutions like Sugar and Sodium Reduction.

The discussion highlights Symega’s pioneering efforts in clean-label products, maintaining a delicate balance between flavour enhancement and health consciousness, and meeting the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers.

The Indian Food Processing Sector’s potential has captured the interest of Private Equity firms and institutional investors. This recognition has increased funding opportunities for established brands and start-ups.

Tune in to the podcast below as Santhosh delves into challenges, growth segments, and Symega’s innovative solutions that resonate with health-conscious preferences and cleaner labels within the food and beverage industry.

Audio credit: Nexidgm

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