Following the Cheese Flavours: What Happens when World Famous Ingredients Partner with Cheese

The tapestry of the world’s cuisines holds infinite possibilities regarding all the flavours available to the palate.

Sweet, savoury, sour, spicy, umami and so on.

Every flavour is like a different coloured thread weaving through global culinary creations, creating vibrant and diverse designs.

Today, we are following the cheese thread and how it can blend into different corners of the world’s cuisines.

Cheese is one of the most versatile ingredients in the world of food and one of the most widely consumed forms of dairy. Its adaptable taste can successfully blend and enhance any ingredient, and in recent times, the experimentation with its range has gone as far as combining dark chocolate with blue cheese! It can be an opulent charcuterie board or a wallet-friendly street food delight.

Captivated by its potential, we have identified a few of the best-enjoyed ingredients in the world to create delicious seasonings that our partners could potentially incorporate into their products.

Let’s look at some of these flavoursome seasoning combinations we have been exploring.

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Mexico – Habanero Cheese

Originating from the Amazon, the Habanero pepper is a variant of capsicum with a citrusy twist. It has a reputation for being one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world. It is often used to make condiments like sauces and salsas. Adding cheese to an ingredient like Habanero would result in a hot and tangy overlay on a base note of cheesy density in the seasoning.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | wasabi

Japan – Cheesy Wasabi

Wasabi is widely associated with sushi and wasabi-flavoured chips and is made from horseradish and mustard oil. Although an acquired taste, its stinging, subtle flavour is emerging as a favourite among the younger population. Coupling the stark pungency of the wasabi with the cheese would create a blend of subtle flavours in a seasoning that teases the palate.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | Prego sauce

Africa – African Prego & Cheese

From the tip of the African continent comes a fiery, zesty sauce called the Prego sauce. Made with chillis, onions, cloves, ginger, paprika, tomato and brown sugar, this sauce accompanies every braai (South African BBQ). Prego with cheese can craft a superb seasoning mix, elevating the taste profile remarkably.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | Gochujang

Korean – Gochujang Cheese

A thick, spicy fermented paste, Gochujang is one of the staples of Korean cuisine. It is made from gochu-garu, rice (glutinous), yeotgireum-garu, meju powder, and salt combined and fermented over time. Given the K-drama and K-pop craze that has taken the world by storm, millennials and Gen Z are increasingly interested in all things Korean, especially its condiments. Add cheese to this mix, and you’ve got a spicy, cheesy seasoning perfect for chips, extruded snacks, fryums and even meat grills.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | Buffalo BBQ

US – Buffalo BBQ & Cheese

When you think of the buffalo hot sauce, the mind immediately conjures visions of freshly grilled wings on a platter. This famous sauce is finding its way into American-styled restaurants all over the globe. Top a sizzling buffalo sauce with cheese, and you’ve just made a seasoning to make the taste buds sing.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | Masala

India – Masala Cheese

In India, the blue-coloured chips packet traditionally signifies the tantalizing Masala Flavour—a country steeped in history as the convergence of numerous trade routes and a haven for spices. The myriad permutations of masala mixes fuel every culinary innovator’s imagination. Imagine blending one of these revered roasted and ground masalas with cheese to create an iconic seasoning.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | Schezwan

China – Schezwan Cheese

Red chillies, garlic, ginger, Sichuan peppers and soy sauce are brought together to make the flavoursome magic of the Schezwan sauce. Chinese cuisine, beloved worldwide, boasts a sauce with a rich umami flavour that evokes the essence of takeout food. Infusing this distinctive flavour with cheese creates a seasoning perfect for spicing your snacks with a Chinese twist.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | Four Cheese

Italy – Four Cheese

What’s even better than blending cheese with ingredients from around the world? It’s blending cheese with other cheeses! Italy is known for its mind-bending variety of cheeses, and a four-cheese seasoning would combine any combination of cheeses. The most commonly used cheeses are mozzarella, provolone, pecorino romano, asiago, parmesan, and so on.

Symega Food Ingredients | Cheese Falvours | Cheese Flavouring | Harissa

Middle East – Harissa Cheese

Harissa is a chilli paste made from dried Baklouti chillis, garlic, olive oil, fresh coriander, caraway seeds, and salt; it originates from Tunisia and is widely used in Middle Eastern cuisines. This spicy and smoky sauce is a side dish to bread, couscous and stews. Blend the sauce’s kick with the mild essence of cheese for a delightful seasoning, which we like to call ‘Lazeez’.   

We’ve been inspired by the possibilities of cheese, and we hope we could inspire you as well. Interested in adding a ‘cheesy’ twist to your snacks, reach us at

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