Replica Omega Speedmaster Review

Several years ago, the market for new and "vintage" replica watches was considered completely sealed. Then these two worlds had no connection. For some time, many connections and amazing relationships between the two worlds have been seen. Have these two markets come together enough to become strategic levers in the sometimes irrational price war? This is the question we asked ourselves. This one seems relevant to many other legendary models, and not just the replica Omega Speedmaster.

The first fake Omega Speedmaster was created in 1957, but it wasn't until 1965 that it was officially approved by NASA, allowing the replica watch to fly to the moon on Buzz Aldrin's wrist in July 1969.

The Speedmaster is replica Omega's most iconic fake watch, and its price has risen significantly and the average price has tripled over the past ten years. ˇ°The older designs, which still have a tritium dial, giving the indices and hands a natural patina, are the most popular among collectors,ˇ± Clotilde Rafin-Ricard's book.

60th Anniversary

In 2017, the Omega Speedmaster replica celebrated its 60th anniversary. This replica watch was not only on the Moon in 1969, but is also part of the official equipment of NASA astronauts. This AAA watch, of course, was not chosen by chance by NASA, but after beating all its competitors in a series of tests carried out by NASA engineers, who, for example, verified that each of the watches fake is perfectly capable of withstanding limitations and extremes. Withstands space conditions.

Omega replica continued to produce the Speedmaster "Moonwatch" with the Lemania movement, although other replica watches now have their own "Master Chronometer" calibers. On the plus side, the Speedmaster Professional remains one of the most affordable and inexpensive replica Omega watches.

For those who want to enjoy the iconic Moonwatch design but still want their own caliber, 44.25mm case, sapphire crystal and date, Omega fake has developed a range of modern versions of the Moonwatch Speedmaster (e.g. Dark Side of the Moon, Race, Moon Phase Chronometer ).

Co-Axial Chronometer Speedmaster Moonphase Master

The Speedmaster is a concentrate of the latest technology from best Omega replica watches. The moon phase model has a diameter of 44.25 mm and is available in various shapes (steel, two-tone, gold or platinum). We prefer stainless steel models with a blue or black dial, which not only have a beautiful moon phase and a beautiful calendar, but also small details such as the footprints of the first astronauts on the lunar surface.

This Speedmaster Moonphase Master co-axial chronometer is powered by caliber Omega 9904. This movement is largely based on caliber 9300, but has additional complications in terms of moon phase and calendar displays. It is also a certified Master Chronometer. It is much more difficult to obtain a Master Chronometer certificate than a ˇ°regularˇ± chronometer. Not only does it provide the best accuracy, it has also been tested and certified to withstand 15,000 Gauss magnetic fields. This fake watch can easily become your favorite everyday replica watch.

Omega Speedmaster Snoopy (3578.5100)

The Speedmaster Snoopy raises so many questions that I would like to briefly explain. NASA selected the famous cartoon dog Snoopy in 1968 to raise awareness of flight, crew and mission safety. In 1970, the Speedmaster received the Silver Snoopy Award for its critical role in the return of the Apollo 13 mission. To mark this historic moment, Omega imitation unveiled the Speedmaster Snoopy in 2003. It was released in the amount of 5,441 copies, taking into account the minutes and seconds elapsed during the mission.

The Speedmaster Snoopy is a standard Speedy with a portrait of Snoopy and ˇ°Eyes on the Starsˇ± written on the counter at 9 o'clock and on the back. While it didn't sell well at first, Snoopy is now in high demand.

Omega Speedmaster - 1st generation (1957)

The super clone Omega Speedmaster is one of the legitimate contenders for the title of the most famous chronograph in the world. In any case, he is probably the most influential in history. The Speedmaster was chosen by astronauts, tested and certified by NASA and used on the Moon.
It all began in 1957 when fake Omega introduced its line of professional replica watches, including the Seamaster 300, Railmaster and the very first Speedmaster. The original Speedmaster (code CK 2915) was designed more for the pleasure of speed on land than for space travel, and is aimed primarily at car enthusiasts, motorists and racers.
The original tachymeter scale, attached to the outside of the dial and glass for integration into the case, has been added to a long list of world premieres signed by replica Omega watches buying guide. Equipped with the legendary hand-wound caliber 321, sleek, symmetrical design and powerful Broad Arrow hour hand, the Speedmaster quickly broke sales records.

Even if the model of the 1990s has evolved since then, it is impossible to deny the price trend, which generates curiosity and greater interest in the logic of setting the "new price". ˇ°From the brands of this beautiful replica watch sector.

Let's summarize the information we have gathered: although it has increased, the retail price remains correct for a chronograph of this quality with a heritage that also matches the current market. Interestingly, the trend for this iconic item is growing in the vintage market as well.

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