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Culinary solutions that are created for the chefs, by the chefs

With food lovers turning global in their outlook and experimental in preferences, a professional Chef’s role is being transformed to that of a creator, curator, and an influencer. More so with the radical rise in consumer awareness of contemporary gastronomy and an intensified competition in food service industry, both quick service and fine dining. Time, space, and consistency in ingredient quality and availability are being highlighted by successful chefs as the biggest challenges they face in their roles.

Symega extended its multi-sensory expertise to the culinary products and created solutions which are designed and developed exclusively for professional and amateur chefs, to save their time, boost creativity and cut costs.

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With years of experience in exploring and experimenting with ingredients to derive the right balance of great taste and food styling, the range of culinary products formulated by our culinary experts enable chefs to work smarter and help them unleash their full creative potential.

Why Symega ?

We collaborate

We believe in the power of sharing. We commit our time, efforts, and resources to our customer’s cause right from the start of a project, and stays through till the project sees success, irrespective of its scale, or time taken. We take pride in the fact that our customers see us as experts in “handholding” for a new business, and an all-rounder consultant for a seasoned customer.

We offer solutions, not just products

With an all-round view of the consumer trends across industries, we are often able to see beyond the apparent. We devise ingredient solutions based on holistic insights covering segments, geographies and regulatory frameworks, and help our customer develop products that exceed expectations, of today, and tomorrow.

We love speed

With a plethora of ingredients to cater to diverse application segments, eminent professionals and a well-appointed facility at disposal, we ensure that we remain agile and responsive to all our customer needs. We reflect and learn with each passing project, and strive to remain the fastest in project turnarounds. Though it may sound unconventional, growing big and moving fast is our way of life.

We care for planet and its people

We take environmental sustainability and responsibility seriously. Our business is attuned to nature and has no irreversible impact on the environment. Our processes deliver products with minimum to zero environmental impact. We are committed to maintaining and improving our product quality and food safety standards. We ensure that all our patrons are made aware of our commitment to our environment.

Private Labelling

With a multitude of packing lines and a state-of-the-art BRC approved facility, Symega offers private labeling and contract manufacturing solutions for retail chains, distributors, and food products marketers.



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