About us

We are here to delight.

Symega Food Ingredients is engaged in manufacturing and marketing natural colours, flavours and savoury blends to food and beverage industries worldwide. With a focus on innovation, in-depth understanding of market trends, technical expertise, and a diligent team of food technologists, we create food solutions that expand the horizons of sensory experiences, redefine tastes and transform foods.

What We Do

Symega was born out of our reflection that food companies across the world needed a trust worthy yet invisible partner for their product development. With food technologists, flavourists and sensory experts as part of a cross functional team, our personnel engage with our customers in varied industries ranging from sweet goods like dairy and confectionery to savoury ones like noodles and salads.

We spend an undue amount of time at the start of a brief because we believe that well begun is half done!

Owing our heritage to Synthite Industries, one the world’s largest value-added spice processing company, and borrowing our technical expertise from the front runners in sensory technologies, Symega ingredients have been delighting the global food and beverage corporations and surprising the food enthusiasts world over. Since 2006.

Today, we sell to 40 countries across 5 continents in 8 product categories. We know this makes us appear prude, but we just couldn’t contain our excitement at sharing this with you!

Our History

1972The Roots

Our story began in 1972 with the conception of Synthite Industries in a sleepy village near the port town of Kochi, in the Indian state of Kerala. Founder, Mr. C V Jacob had a distinctive vision to add further value to various local spices that were abundant in the region. He partnered with a leading food research institute in India on the development of an innovative technology to extract spice oils and oleoresins, then called the liquid spices. Synthite eventually emerged to be the world’s largest producer of value added spices, coming to account for a third of the global oleoresins market.

2006Our Inception

2006 was a big year for the company. Synthite Industries set up “Synthite Taste Park”, a dedicated food-tech park in Kerala, for value-added spice derivatives and food ingredients. Joint ventures were forged by Synthite with Omega Technologies, Austria to set up Symega Savoury Technology, and with Aromco Flavours, UK to form Aromco Flavours India. The divisions offered sweet and savoury flavours, seasonings, and spice blends to the Indian food and beverage manufacturing industry.

2014Winds of Change

The joint-venture agreements between the partners came to an end and both divisions became fully-owned subsidiaries of Synthite Industries. Soon after, Aromco Flavours India was rechristened Symega Flavours India.

2015New Markets

With its brand identity well-established in the seasonings and spice blends markets in the Indian sub-continent, Symega further branched into culinary products like ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces, particularly focussed on the fast growing food service (HORECA) segment. The divisions also started exporting into the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asian markets.

2016Emerging a Market Leader

Keeping the trend of continuous growth, Symega Savoury Technology became India’s largest seasoning house, producing almost 8 million kilograms of blended formulations annually. Symega Flavours meanwhile expanded its portfolio to include natural food colours, in response to the growing consumer demand for all-natural ingredients in their foods.

2017Charting New Waters

Symega Ingredients LLC was set up in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, to focus on innovative natural ingredient solutions for the North American market. The office, with an all-purpose application lab, currently focusses on catering to the growing demand for natural colouring solutions among the US consumers.

2018Together is Great, Better

Symega Flavours Limited and Symega Savoury Technology Limited merged to form a world-scale multi-sensory ingredient powerhouse, Symega Food Ingredients Limited, offering flavour, colour, and taste solutions to diverse food and beverage segments across the world.


Our Values


We enjoy and appreciate the diversity of the global food platter. We embrace new tastes, aromas, and sensory experiences when developing solutions that transgress conventional limits, and strive to make good food truly great.


We are a team of doers. We face the unknown with collective decision making but always keeping the customer in mind. We take pride in doing what we say we will do.


We develop products and provide services that offer superior value to our customers. We commit to exceptional quality, shortest possible turnaround time and outstanding customer support for all customer requirements that we service.


We value trust, fairness and honesty in all the relationships we nurture and maintain. We endorse respect and dignity in our everyday conduct, among our employees, business partners, to our customers, and to our competitors.