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Breakfast is increasingly being viewed as the most important meal of the day. And consumers continue to seek greater variety and healthier options in the convenience breakfast packs available to them.

As companies strive to surprise consumers with great tasting, nutritious products like vegetable idlies, multi-grain dosas, cream filled cereals and savoury oats, our sensory experts and food technologists support them with innovative concepts and outstanding taste solutions. With our proven track record with the leading industry participants and our in-depth understanding of the Indian breakfast choices, we can help you realize your dream of creating a breakfast that is truly out-of-the-box.

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Most convenience breakfast options are packed with the goodness of whole grains, vegetable purees or fibres, and sometimes fortified with iron, calcium, and other micro nutrients. These ingredients are often associated with bitterness or astringent notes, impacting the overall appeal of the cereal or the mix.
With a wide variety of sweet and savory notes like vanilla, strawberry, almonds and mango in our portfolio, we can help you mask the off-tastes in your formulations and create a great tasting product without affecting its health quotient. We also offer an option of natural, nature identical or artificial flavours in liquid, powder or granulated forms, to best suit your desired format and labeling requirements.

With the onset of the health and diet awareness, it is natural that oats is one of the most popular breakfast or a mid-day snack. Long before the world joined the bandwagon, we encouraged and created various flavours for oats seasoning.
Oats is naturally a bland dish when cooked either with milk or water. Adding fruits raises its flavour a bit but otherwise it is still a bland dish. There is a general saying that ‘if it doesn’t taste good, it’s generally healthy’.
We challenged this line of thought! We came up with sweet and savoury seasoning for oats that did not reduce its health factor but at the same time increased its flavour and taste - making it a delight to consume. Now with Symega oats seasonings, no one will cringe when eating a healthy bowl of oats!
With our portfolio of Sweet, Indian, and International style seasonings, oats shall forever be a tasty yet healthy breakfast or snacking option.


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