Sensory solutions to create differentiated beverages

Thanks to the rapidly evolving living and healthy eating habits all over the world, beverage market is expanding at an unprecedented pace, continually adding new segments and sub-segments to its spread. Customers are offered with options like never before as each brand vies to carve a niche and stand out in the dynamic market place.

From functional waters to drinking vinegars and clean label juices to personalized drinks, our sensory experts and beverage specialists understand the emerging trends in the global beverage industry. With a wide range of solutions and unmatched formulation support, we support you in conceptualizing and developing beverages that your customers would love and relish.

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We offer a large collection of popular and unique flavours for still, sparkling and other novel beverages. Be it the classic browns for hot beverages, tropical notes for fruit beverages or citrus and spice notes for sparkling drinks, our master flavourists ensure that you get the exact profile your customers seek. With our understanding of the ever changing consumer tastes and flavour preferences, expertise in application across beverage formats, and state-of-the-art production facility, we provide you with flavours that are natural, nature identical or artificial, with an option of liquid and encapsulated formats to choose from.

Appearance of a beverage has a great bearing on its appeal and customer choice. With the rising demand for natural ingredients and clean-label products, need for distinct, stable natural colours is all the more pressing for the formulators across segments including fruit beverages, premixes, carbonated soft drinks, sport drinks.
We provide our customers with a comprehensive line of shades ranging from yellow to violet that makes the beverage tempting and safe to consume. Characterized by instant solubility and heat and light stability properties, our colours impart the desired transparency and cloudy qualities to the beverages, with a choice of clean-label variants. Derived from plant pigments with farm-level traceability, our colours conform to general health trends and norms, and have proven track record of performance in a wide range of beverage formats and processing conditions where they can effectively be used in.


No matter what market you’re targeting – be it beverage, dairy, desserts, meals, infant nutrition or others, and whether your focus is retail, foodservice or convenience – we bring you unique insights into how to develop and position products that maximize Taste and Nutrition.

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