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Consumers today seek choice and bakers are rising to the challenge by improving their product lines and creating more tempting products. Be it the traditionally popular muffins and brownies, or your signature cookies and pastry concepts, our comprehensive range of flavours and natural colours would help you make your best recipes even better. Add to that, the technical support from our master bakers and sensory experts, the possibilities are just endless.

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Owing to high fat levels in their recipes and exposure to extreme processing conditions, baked goods often lose their freshness and flavour faster than most other food categories.
With our exclusive range of top notes created specifically for baked goods, product development expertise, and sensible pricing, we are a perfect partner for bakery flavor requirements. Offering options like natural, nature identical and artificial flavours for any application in liquid, encapsulated and granulated delivery systems, we assure stability, variety and economy for bakers, as they engage in innovation and creation.

Appearance and colour are probably the biggest factors that define the appeal and freshness of a baked product. And retaining the desired color in the product during baking and display; be it for cakes, pastries, or sweets, is the biggest challenge faced by a baker; more so in the case of products that are coloured naturally.
Our portfolio of natural colours for baking applications addresses this concern, and offers heat and light stable colouring solutions. Derived entirely from plant pigments and carefully designed to suit specific application and processing requirements, we offer natural alternatives to the commonly used artificial colours, even for the highly popular yet challenging shades like Red Velvet pink, that too with an option of E-number free, clean-label variants.


No matter what market you’re targeting – be it beverage, dairy, desserts, meals, infant nutrition or others, and whether your focus is retail, foodservice or convenience – we bring you unique insights into how to develop and position products that maximize Taste and Nutrition.

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