Natural Colours

Colouring Foods (CFS)

Foods that colour foods. Backed by technology.

From ancient times, our foods have always been coloured by natural ingredients like turmeric paste or beetroot pulp or paprika. However, as cost and availability of natural options failed to match the pace of a flourishing food processing industry during late 19th and 20th centuries, synthetic alternatives, derived from petroleum and coal tar, gained popularity and were widely admired for their vibrant hues, versatility, and low cost.

With the 21st century consumers turning more informed and aware, there is a widespread aversion to artificial ingredients in food, and a growing interest in ingredients that are vegetarian, nutritive, and safe for all.

Powered by our intense research, and supported by state-of-the-art processing technology, we developed a range of Colouring Foods (CFS), simply defined as fruit juices and vegetable concentrates that have been formulated to impart the just right colours, with all the goodness of the source. And no taste. Available for a range of applications across food and beverage segments, these colours offer the desired functionality to an innovative creator, Clean-label benefits to a responsible marketer, and assurance to a sensitive consumer.

If Colouring foods are not the most natural way to colour your food, then what is?

Symega CFS comes in these six shades

Why Symega ?

Design of Delivery system

Custom-designed delivery systems to suit a wide range of applications

Shade shifting

Endless options through artistic blending of colours

Colour Stabililty

Natural pigments stabilised to perform across diverse processing condition

Technical support

On-site support from technical experts for shade optimizing, dosage fixing, scale-up trials and trouble shooting


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