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Symega Celebrates World Food Safety Day

07 Jun 20

World Food Safety Day is an international day dedicated to discussing and creating awareness about the importance of safe food for all. Celebrated on 7th of June, it calls upon UN organizations, countries and decision makers, the private sector, civil society and general public to pledge to work towards safe food and prevent food borne diseases. The day was instituted by World Health Organization (WHO) in association with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 2019 and runs on the theme “Food safety, everyone’s business”. The theme reflects that each one of us – producers, consumers and governments – have to take an active role in promoting food safety.

As manufacturers of food ingredients, we at Symega are deeply committed to the goal of food safety. To commemorate the significance of this occasion, we organized a week-long event to discuss, debate and share knowledge on food safety. Our office was transformed with a festive zeal and each one of the employees became a student and a knowledge producer at the same time. This year we had an additional responsibility of addressing the pandemic at hand, and we took special care to maintain COVID-19 guidelines. We also discussed on various aspects of employee and food safety during the pandemic. Employees at every level from the senior management to the ground staff were equal participants in the event. All employees were divided into eight teams and each team worked towards presenting their own perspective of the theme by creating a stall using posters, charts, models, slogans, games, short films, quiz, and case study presentations. Through these, the employees and staff shared their safety practices at an institutional and personal level. These exercises helped bring back emphasis on the fact that food safety is a collective responsibility of all organizations and every individual therein.

Such activities are an integral part of our work at Symega, and we see them as an important step towards translating our values into conducting world class research on food products and providing the safest and best quality products to our customers.