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Symega’s Back to Work Covid Combat Protocol

04 May 20

As the country gears up to steadily revive its activities, we at Symega are back in operation and would like to update you on our continued efforts to protect our product, premises and staff against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization and guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, we have revised our work policies to suit the requirements of today’s conditions. The preventive measures undertaken to curb the disease include:

Revised Entry Protocols
All personnel including Symega staff who enter our premises are required to ensure that they wash and sanitize their hands and get their body temperature screened by security (using a non – contact thermometer).

Further, only critical business visitors are permitted and each of them is required to fill in the self-declaration checklist related to COVID-19. In general, all our partners have been requested to avoid visiting the facility until the situation is fully under control.

Employee Training
Each employee has been trained on the best hygiene practices essential in the current scenario. To ensure that this learning continues, awareness boards and safety instructions have been placed at all prominent and frequently visited locations across the Taste Park.

Any employee, with the slightest health concern, is instructed against coming to work. 

Infrastructural Advancements
To ease the efforts in practising these new norms, temporary handwash stations have been placed across the facility and the sanitizing stations to employee ratio have been increased from 1:30 to 1:10. Mapping has been carried out by our Quality Assurance team to verify the effectiveness of each of these stations. No contact entry has been facilitated at the unit by remote-controlled gates and contact-free attendance systems. 

Social Distancing Practices
Employee seating has been re-laid to ensure stipulated spacing between adjacent employees.

All meetings have either been reduced to a one-to-one discussion or are carried out on digital platforms. The seating arrangements in all meeting rooms have been reduced to half and shift change hand-overs are now carried out via phone calls. The use of lift is limited to two persons at a time and it is mandatory to maintain a distance of 1 meter in all venues, including office, shop floor and canteen.

Area Disinfection
All office and production areas across divisions were aerially disinfected prior to resuming operations. A revised schedule has been put in place to clean and disinfect all common areas, and those prone to be touched (such as cubicle partitions and staircase railings) every two hours.

Waste Disposal
Specific bins with green liners have been placed in designated areas for the disposal of gloves, masks and hairnets used by the staff. This waste is first disinfected and placed in a designated area from where it is subsequently incinerated.

While we do our bit to ensure the safety of our team and all those associated with it, we encourage each of you to practice the guidelines laid out by the Government and take care of your health.