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Consumers today are no longer satisfied with simple foods and refreshments. They demand products with exciting flavours, more appealing colours, longer shelf life, and improved functional and health benefits. Each of these attributes has a very significant impact on the ingredient choices for a manufacturer.

Specialty Ingredients cater to this very need of the market. Ranging from colouring pigments and flavour enhancers to ingredients that offer convenience and / or functional and health benefits, this category helps manufacturers create products that not only meet the customer demand but also aids to set their offerings apart in an otherwise crowded market.

As per market research firm Techavio, the global specialty food ingredient market is said to grow by over INR 2,00,000 Crores at a CAGR of 6% through 2020 – 2024.  Currently North America is the biggest market for specialty ingredients followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. Over the coming years, emerging markets like India will lead the growth trend in specialty ingredients due to increase in demand for healthy foods. We at Symega watch the consumer trends very closely and help our clients translate them into products. In the specialty ingredients category, we have observed the following trends:

Move towards cleaner alternatives: With work, family demands, and social activities, consumer lifestyles are getting hectic by the day. Reduced time has led to a consistent increase in the consumption of packaged foods in the form of snacks, ready to eat meals, easy mixes etc. This has prompted consumers to be informed of what they eat. Research shows that over 70% Indian consumers check for ingredients and quality standards on all the foods they consume and make it a point to make use of every opportunity in choosing a cleaner alternative.

Move against high sugar content : The prevalence of obesity and diabetes have rapidly increased in the previous decade.  Sugar has been named as one of the main reasons for this. Health campaigns such as FSSAI’s Eat Right India initiative have advised consumers to reduce the intake of sugar. Aware consumers now consciously choose food products with lower sugar content. This trend drives the sweet boosters as a specialty ingredient.

Value conscious but not price sensitive consumers: Today’s informed consumer is willing to pay more for the added benefits of good quality ingredients. Foods that contain ingredients which offer value addition in terms of flavour and convenience can therefore command a premium.


To address these trends, Symega offers the following products:

Sweetness Booster: This product addresses the need to reduce sugar in food products without compromising on taste and flavour. The sweet booster significantly reduces the sugar content and keeps the product in line with the emerging consumer preferences for low sugar products. It can replace up to 50% of sugar in the product.

Savoury Enhancer: An all-natural ingredient, Symega’s Savoury Enhancer acts as an ideal replacement for Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Use of MSG which has conventionally been a popular flavour enhancer is highly regulated by food safety authorities around the world, including FSSAI and US FDA. Symega’s Savoury Enhancer offers the same taste and mouthfeel as MSG in foods like instant noodles, pasta, curries and gravies, assuring the consumers of safe, guilt-free indulgence as earlier.

Cheese Powder: We understand the consumer’s love for cheese and cheese flavour, but it is not an easy product to carry and store. Our cheese powder acts as an alternative to cheese. It offers a unique combination of taste, flavour, functionality and convenience to manufacturers across the F&B industry and help them add a cheesy kick to their preparations.

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