Kit up with the market’s latest culinary trend. Symega’s Ready to Cook Meal Kits.

In the current scenario, individuals are urged to channel their inner Master Chef. Everyone is turning their kitchen into a DIY haven. Each trying to whip up a dish with the hope of it turning out to be restaurant quality. But what if, your customers could skip the trial and error and make every meal an in-house gourmet dining experience? Yes, the house of Symega is taking this opportunity to give consumer retail brands a chance at having a thriving business. Introducing a wide range of Ready to Cook Meal Kits. Every pouch is packed with authentic flavours and original recipes that bless everyone that cooks with the gift of time and convenience, without compromising on taste and quality.

Our team at Symega has worked towards extending the horizon of our product range only to master the most popular delicacies from various cuisines. Be it the lip-smacking Chole from Pind or the famous Deccan biryani, we have got it all covered. In a world that has restricted travel and dine-in services, our extensive product range allows organized retailers to take their customers on a culinary journey, travelling the world through their plates.

Symega’s Ready to Cook Meal Kits allow the choice between noodles, rice, pasta or lentils. With a shelf life of up to 6 months, every pouch turns in to a knight in shining armour gleaming with the convenience of time and the promise of great taste. If you’re looking to boost your business, here’s a proposition that offers luxury in the times of uncertainty – all thanks to the Ready to Cook Meal Kits by Symega. Contact us to know more.

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