The Crunch You See, Before You Feel It

Whether air-fried, sautéed or deep-fried, our all-natural curcumin and paprika-derived food colouring brings breaded snacks to life. It’s the crunch you see, before you taste it.

There’s probably no food coating more universally recognised than breadcrumbs. They’re usually obtained by baking or toasting bread to remove moisture, and then grinding it into a powder. Whether coarse or fine, breadcrumbs go on to become a coating used for ‘breading’ or ‘crumbing’ various foods to be fried or grilled. Breadcrumbs are also used as a stuffing, a thickener, or a binder to bring together ingredients, as in cutlets. The ultimate purpose of breadcrumbs as a coating, is to bring that mouth-watering golden appeal and unbeatable crunch to fried or grilled foods.

The Cold Facts About Heat 

Heat, as we know, often impacts the natural colour, and thereby appeal, of foods. So, in industrial or commercial-scale manufacturing and application of breadcrumbs, it is a common practice to add food colourings to consistently achieve the right colour. In many cases, companies resort to chemical-based food dyes for their desired effect. But chemical colourings, as most consumers are aware today, do not represent an ethical and responsible choice. Many studies by various research and regulatory organisations have associated certain synthetic food colourings to health concerns such as hyperactivity in children, some types of cancer, etc.

So, How Green is your Golden Brown?

Certain responsible manufacturers, who are sensitive to the issues with synthetic colours, use natural colouring aids like oleoresins. These are natural extracts with a wide range of applications, and for breadcrumbs, the oleoresins used are derived from turmeric and bell peppers. However, while oleoresins present a healthy alternative to synthetic food colours, they’re often unstable at high heat, which is typically the case with fried foods, and tend to lose colour rapidly during cooking, storage or in display. Additionally, oleoresins also impart a raw, oily taste to the breadcrumbs, which then often also alters the taste of the final product.

So, manufacturers of breadcrumbs and fried snacks today are torn between two options:

– Effective, but unhealthy synthetic colours, or

– Healthy, but ineffective natural colours

Not anymore.

B-Right Colours from Symega

Our B-Right range of natural colours is specifically designed for breadcrumbs, deep-fried snacks, and other high heat applications. Available as finely micronised powder colourings, the B-Right range is derived from Paprika (red bell peppers) and Curcumin (from turmeric). Imparting rich colour, but with superior functionality when compared to oleoresins derived from the same sources. B-Right colours are highly light and heat stable, they’re deodorised to have zero taste interference upon usage and offer a wide range of relevant shade possibilities – from light yellow and bright orange to golden-brown and deep red. They’re polysorbate free and obtained from sustainably sourced ingredients for which we can provide a farm-level provenance for our more discerning customers. Lastly and importantly, being all-natural means that B-Right colours also look good on an ingredient list – especially vital for today’s increasingly health-conscious and wellness-driven consumers.

So, there you have it, the inside story on the appetising golden-brown of some of your favourite foods, and the ethical and sustainable way to go about achieving it. To know more about our B-Right range of natural colours, reach out to us today.

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