Our path to delightful ingredients starts with the right sourcing practices.
Our raw materials come from the best of suppliers located around the world, tested and certified against the highest standards of quality and consistency. We constantly update our portfolio with the latest raw materials to ensure that we remain on top of any ingredient innovation in the industry. And our sourcing team on the ground ensures economy and speed through the value chain, enabling us to be agile and responsive to customer needs, effectively guaranteeing fastest turnarounds.


Our production capabilities are continuously expanding to meet growing demand from the market place.
Certified by internationally acclaimed audit bodies, our production facilities subscribe to the highest manufacturing standards and food safety norms in the industry. Our environment controlled processing and blending lines, state-of-the-art packing lines, and modern warehouses enable us to offer shortest lead times to our customers. Coupled with a strong quality assurance mechanism set in place, we are well positioned to serve your versatile ingredients needs, whether small or large, and customised or standard.

Research and Development

Our R&D team comprises food science experts and sensory specialists who combine chemistry and artistry to concoct the perfect ingredients.
Symega is passionate about perfection. No matter how complex the customer requirement is, our team of flavourists and food technologists dedicatedly put their hearts and minds at work to develop the perfect solution that would be loved by the customer and the end consumer alike. With dedicated application specialists, continuous technical support and extensive onsite tests and trials, Symega R&D is proud to have been a partner to several iconic food and beverage brands in India and abroad.

Market Insights

We spend a great amount of time digging deep into the marketplace to uncover trends, both apparent and latent, to power our customers with product concepts and ingredient solutions.
We interact with food companies, speak to consumers, search the internet, and well, roam free through shopping aisles to spot emerging trends. We study consumer preferences, segment by segment, region by region, and understand demographic and geographic variations therein, and use the insights from countless hours at marketing research to develop ideas and innovate solutions that are designed to delight your consumers.


We are engaged in offering our customers sensory solutions that set them apart from their peers, for today and tomorrow.
Collaborative efforts from our marketing and R&D teams enable us to predict the future course of the market trends, and design product concepts and ingredients solutions that would support our customers in better crafting their offerings, for the consumers of tomorrow. We also work very closely with our long-standing customers, eminent food scientist and marketers from around the world on these innovative solutions, to establish the novelty and commercial viability of such futuristic projects.