NECOL, or Natural and Effective Colours, is a range of plant-based colour solutions offered by Symega for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from bakery to dairy and confectionery to savoury. They’re specifically designed for marketers and food processors who are keen to shift away from the versatile, yet hazardous, synthetic colours, but failing to find an economic, effective alternative to them.

The NECOL range is developed from high quality plant pigments, sourced, and extracted responsibly with farm-level traceability. Using advanced technology and industry expertise, we stabilized these pigments from various produce across geographies to ensure uniformity in shade and usability across processing condition. NECOL range complies with GRAS and is an approved food additive.

Baked Goods | Confectionery | Dairy | Beverages | Snacks | Noodles & Pastas

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