Exceptional flavours to complement a range of functional ingredients

Pharmaceutical industry continues to grow with new formulations, new players and new geographies being added to the current folds on a regular basis.

Although the functional ingredients remain the engine of the formulation, the excipients and delivery systems form the wheels on which it is administered effectively. The bitter, metallic, or astringent notes stemming from the functional ingredients such as iron compounds, natural fibers, minerals and vitamins often weigh down on the palatability of the product, especially for young consumers. We offer solutions that effectively mask and modify any such off-notes making your winning formulations more palatable and desirable for all.

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With a wide range of pleasing profiles to choose from, our liquid and encapsulated flavours meet your need to mask the bitterness, astringency, or any off notes in Pharmacy and Nutraceutical formulations. Our understanding of the evolving consumer preferences for health and wellness products, expertise in flavour engineering and well-appointed and certified production and testing infrastructure ensure that you get the exact profile that you require, well accommodating the active and functional ingredients in your innovative formulations.
Some of our popular flavour profile families for pharmaceuticals include citrus, tropical, forest fruits, nectar, and fruit fusions.


No matter what market you’re targeting – be it beverage, dairy, desserts, meals, infant nutrition or others, and whether your focus is retail, foodservice or convenience – we bring you unique insights into how to develop and position products that maximize Taste and Nutrition.

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