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The Indian food service industry is on an upswing today, thanks to changing demographics, rising disposable incomes, urbanization and growth in organized retail.

Powered by our matchless expertise in crafting sensory solutions and in-depth knowledge of the global taste palates, we strive to translate consumer desires to real-world experiences. Extending our expertise to the nascent food service sector, we offer an assortment of exciting blends and culinary products to enable chefs to unleash their potential and create signature dishes that would tease and tantalize discerning palates the world over.

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Modern consumers are more informed and aware of the ingredients used by food service establishments, thanks to the efforts by the food safety authorities and celebrated food and cookery shows on television and internet. They are concerned about the ingredients and cooking practices used by the chefs and seek wholesome, natural and safe dishes, without compromising on the taste, texture and overall appeal.
We offer an assortment of natural colours, derived from plant pigments, for use in food service establishments. Be it a fresh green for palak paneer, dark red for tangri kebab or charcoal black for the raging black burger, we have just the right colours for chefs who opt for natural, plant-based alternatives to the widely used artificial colours.

Unlike olden days when chefs focused on classic recipes and engaged in elaborate preparations of condiments, gravies and marinades, even extending to several days at times, modern day chefs are evaluated on creativity as much as they are on the finesse of the dish. Restaurants and Cafes that are more experimental and offering a differentiated menu are favoured by millenials as compared to those offering a standard range.
Our range of sauces, gravies, pastes, marinades and other culinary product are created with the modern chefs in mind, and offer cost effective, convenient solutions to their day-to-day cooking requirements. Thus, our solutions handle the routine preparatory aspects of a modern commercial kitchen while enabling chefs to focus on exploring new ingredients, experimenting with new recipes and pursuing new cuisines.


No matter what market you’re targeting – be it beverage, dairy, desserts, meals, infant nutrition or others, and whether your focus is retail, foodservice or convenience – we bring you unique insights into how to develop and position products that maximize Taste and Nutrition.

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