Natural solutions for fat-based formulations

Although the general trend is to reduce saturated and unhealthy fats in the diet, demand for specific fats and functional oils with positive health benefits is on the rise, especially among the millennial consumers. In response to this, vendors are developing new formulations that use cleaner sources, natural ingredients, are fortified with minerals, and with a better health profile overall.

We offer a wide range of all-natural sensory solutions to the fats and oils industry, aiding our customers in assuming a pioneering role in this resurgent phase of the curve.

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We offer a full range of natural colours that are suitable for use in oils, fats, and oil-based formulations. Derived entirely from carefully chosen botanicals having complete farm level traceability, we offer oil soluble colours that are heat and light stable, and withstand oxidation through the self-life of the product. Derived entirely from vegetable-based pigments, our colour solutions are completely natural, with an option of E-number free colours through our range of colouring foodstuff.


No matter what market you’re targeting – be it beverage, dairy, desserts, meals, infant nutrition or others, and whether your focus is retail, foodservice or convenience – we bring you unique insights into how to develop and position products that maximize Taste and Nutrition.

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