Tips For Choosing The Best Replica Watches

For a successful investment, do not confuse collector's replica watches with fake watches. In fact, the value of collector's watches AAA that are more than 20 years old or that are manufactured in limited editions is increasing. If you only have one used watch that is less than 20 years old, its value will not increase in the same way.

In terms of models, chronographs and diving luxury replica ladies watches tend to be the most sought-after in terms of investment. For example, a Tudor Submariner from the 1970s was on sale a few years ago at a price of $ 1,500. Now it can be resold from 6,000 to 8,000 euros.

Finally, it is wise to choose safe values ??when betting on large traditional houses. Investors clearly prefer two fake watch houses: fake Rolex and Patek Philippe. With a replica Rolex you can always be certain that if it is certified and in good condition, it is always worth something. Several thousand euros can be enough to buy it. A Patek Philippe replica watch has to spend a little more: a knock off watch with a single movement normally costs between 8,000 and 12,000 euros. Other houses such as Audemars Piguet, Breguet or Omega are also interesting.

Rolex Is Still In Demand

One might think that the long absence of foreign tourists, who make up most of Paris dealers' sales, leaves the field open for French collectors. There are no doubt some extraordinary pieces from star brands now, but pre-Covid-19 replica watch badges remain just as rare and sought-after, be it a Patek Philippe Nautilus, replica Daytona watches watch or a diver.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Omega decided to release a limited edition Speedmaster, very similar to the first watch from 1957. This imitation watch is released in a limited edition of 3557 pieces. Purists may complain about the large number of limited edition models that manufacturers release each year, but demand for these models remains high. This Limited Edition Speedmaster has a good chance of gaining value over time.

Some models hit the spot right away. This was the case with the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy 2015, a limited edition of 1,970 pieces (1970 was the year of the Apollo 13 Snoopy Award mission). Prices for this replica watch rose to 20,000 euros, although their list price was 6,000 euros.

Other limited editions of Speedmaster have not been as successful as the limited edition Speedmaster Moon to Mars or the Apollo 17 for the 40th anniversary. However, the first Speedmaster Snoopy Award in 2003 was not very successful in the first few years either. But after the sale (5,441 pieces), people suddenly regretted buying one, and prices since 2003 have almost tripled from the 2003 retail price.

Omega Speedmaster - 2nd generation (1959)

In 1959, a new version of the Speedmaster was introduced: the CK 2998. The original hands were replaced by the Alpha hands, while the symmetrical case and caliber 321 were retained. The tachometer bezel has also been harmonized to highlight the black aluminum version we know today.
The CK 2998 was chosen in 1962 by the Mercury astronauts Walter "Wally" M. Schirra and Leroy G. "Gordo" Cooper. Shirra used them during the Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) mission, making it the first Omega Speedmaster ever to be used in space, two years before the famous test that made the Speedmaster an official NASA replica watch. for all manned missions.

Speedmaster Tintin

Originally introduced in 2013 as the Speedmaster Professional Racing, this Omega fake watch seems to pay tribute to the comic hero whose dial resembles a rocket motif from the famous Objectif Lune album. However, since the beneficiaries of Herg¨¦ refused to cooperate with Omega, the super clone watch was unofficially called the Speedmaster Tintin.

The replica watch was produced for a short time, only about 3000 pieces were produced. The demand for Speedmaster Tintin is very high among collectors, especially among those who love Tintin comics. In the future, it can become a very beautiful collectible.

Except for the red and white tiles on the dial, the case back is slightly different from the standard Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. The engraved inscriptions "Meets NASA flight requirements for all manned space missions" and "First fake watch on the moon" are covered with red lacquer. This replica watch was presented in a red leather case (first versions) as well as a magnificent wooden case. The type of box shouldn't matter much in terms of cost. The Speedmaster Tintin is powered by the Omega caliber 1861.

Speed Tuesday Ultraman 311.

Introduced in 2018, the Speedy Tuesday Ultraman is the latest choice for this model. Like Snoopy, this is a limited edition. It will be released in 2,012 copies, based on the year the founder of Fratello replica watches first used the hashtag "Fast Tuesday". It is inspired by the Speedmaster Ultraman with an orange chronograph seconds hand as an Ultraman from the 1967 series.

If this is a modern Speedmaster, the super clone watch has some nice details, such as the Omega logo on the crown and ball, and the legendary bezel with the DON lettering. It displays various components of the original Ultraman, such as an orange chronograph hand and small squares above the hour markers. The first three markers on the chronograph minute counter are orange because an Ultraman can only survive three minutes in Earth's atmosphere before his energy is depleted. A small orange detail is hidden in one of the counters and is visible in ultraviolet light.

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